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Bookish Item Review: Kindle Paperwhite

I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a Kindle for a while now. As I talked about in my bookish confessions, I don’t keep most of my books, so I end up trading them. But on Kindle you can’t do that. Once you buy it, you’re stuck with it. I basically waffled back and forth between wanting it (because it’s beautiful) and saying it wouldn’t be worth it.

However, all that time I kept “buying” free books on Kindle to read on my iPad. But honestly, I hate reading on my iPad. It’s heavy and it’s an older model so it’s not as fast as I would like. After an extremely long work week, I was at target and decided to just jump in and do it.

And I should have done it ages ago. The second I started to download my books I was in love. It was incredibly fast and easy to set up. The screen is super responsive, especially when turning the pages. Sometimes that part can be a little too responsive but it’s not a big deal. It’s incredibly lightweight, so much so that I’ve taken to carrying it around in my work bag more often than an actual hardcopy book. I’ve been using it on and off for three weeks now and the battery still hasn’t died.

Now, I did buy a case for it which was a little pricey. The case fits perfectly, but it was close to 40$ just for that. I do also wish there was some kind of “highlight” button on the Kindle that you could just press before you started to highlight. And it is a little small for my liking, screen wise. I definitely would’ve been okay if it has been a little larger in that department.

But overall, I’m in love with it. I’m still not making any actual purchases but I’ve been using Kindle Unlimited (such a small price to read basically all the queer romance I could ever want) and Overdrive through my library. *Side Note: If you have not been using Overdrive, please talk to your librarian as soon as possible!* Definitely worth the price and I highly recommend picking one up today if you’ve been considering it. I still haven’t stop buying hard copies of books, and I never will honestly. But having this by my side has been a blessing. Especially as I prepared for my Thanksgiving vacation, I had less worries about “Did I pack enough books?!” because even if I didn’t, I could just download more on my Kindle!



Robin spends most of his time running a certified rape crisis center. In his off hours he uses reading as a way to recharge and re-energize.

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