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Book Review: The Other Side

Featuring 19 stories by 23 different creators, The Other Side is a celebration of queer romance and the paranormal! Inside, you’ll find positive romance stories featuring a wide variety of queer and trans protagonists-as well as poltergeists, shadow monsters, guitar-playing hypnotists, lost angels, genderfluid vampires, trickster ghosts, and many more!


How I Found This Book

This was one I found while it was also in its Kickstarter phase thanks to Tumblr.

Overall Feeling

I had an almost equal like/dislike for the stories featured here. The ones I enjoyed were ones I really loved. There were quite a few though that I found myself skipping and not caring for. I think they need to make another one though, and I’m hopeful that a few of the authors/artists will come out with their own works.


Like I said, it was almost equal for stories I disliked to stories I liked. Some of the art just also wasn’t for me, but of course that varies for everyone.


Okay the stories I loved were amazing. Yes No Maybe by Kate Leth and Katie O’Neill was so adorable that I wish there was a whole series about the main characters. Bare Bones by Britt Sabo was surprising and I loved the artwork. Third Circle Pizza by Laurel Varian and Ezra Rose was not at all what I expected but exactly what I needed. This is another one I want to be a full series. Pulpit Point by Amelia Onorato was so cute and I loved that they made one of the main characters have a prosthetic hand. And then my ultimate favorite was Black Dog by Fyodor Pavlov which was so incredible and amazing. And I won’t even pretend that if the main character was real I would be totally and completely in love with him. I don’t understand how they drew him so sexy…

Diversity? (Possible Spoilers)

All of it! Queer artists, authors, characters. Female artists, authors, characters. Non-binary/trans* artists, authors, characters. Artists, authors, and characters of color.

Trigger Warnings (Possible Spoilers)

Some minimal violence.



Robin spends most of his time running a certified rape crisis center. In his off hours he uses reading as a way to recharge and re-energize.

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