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Book Review: The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal by E.K. Weaver

E.K. Weaver’s critically-acclaimed road trip romance comic is collected here in this award-winning, commercially-successful omnibus edition. Less Than Epic tells the story of Amal (just out of the closet and freshly disowned by his parents) and TJ (a mysterious and eccentric vagrant) and their journey across the continental United States.


How I Found This Book

Found this one at Chamblin’s Bookmine, and loved the art so I decided to pick it up. I actually had heard nothing about this before seeing it at the bookstore.

Overall Feeling

I want to never leave this story. I’m OBSESSED with these characters. They’re flawed and real and amazing and everything I could want in characters. I’m also definitely in love with Amal and everything he is. I seriously would read comics about TJ and Amal until the time, I just want it to so bad.


My only two negatives are this: One, I wish it had been in color. I know that having it in black and white make the very few panels of color that much more spectacular, but I just would’ve loved to see them in full color the whole time. Two, I just need more. The ending was NOWHERE near enough for me. I need to see what happens next. I have no idea if Weaver plans on doing anything else with these characters but I’m willing to beg for it.


Everything else. The art was done so beautifully. It was so funny and moving at the same time. Amal specifically has so much growth through the book, which I loved watching. I loved being able to see how TJ brought out a new side of Amal that he’d kept hidden for his family. I also loved the impulsiveness that Amal showed throughout the book. I feel we can all be a little more impulsive. It might help us in the long run. Also, as a side note, I’m in love with Amal’s hair.

Diversity? (Possible Spoilers)

Queer characters, character of color (Indian I believe).

Trigger Warnings (Possible Spoilers)

Discussions of drugs, marijuana use, sex depicted







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